TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 is now welcoming ideas and creative visions that can belong to any discipline, or way of life to inspire and influence others. Please consider what "HIDDEN | 秘伝" means for your community! Selection of the ideas shall be done by the TEDx team. 

You can also fill out a form (#suggestaspeaker) with suggestions for people around you who have the potential to share their ideas with the world.

LINK (#bethespeaker): https://forms.gle/kE2wM46SmJJvFUsz5

LINK (#suggestaspeaker): https://forms.gle/RkDUsggX3GWZxGWn6

We hope you are enjoying your days here and had fun at the recent orientation. We also hope that you are comfortable getting used you to the new city, new prefecture, or even the new country.  

Thank you for your interest in TEDxTohokuUniversity. We hope you join the extremely diverse and motivated team to transform TEDxTohokuUniversity and even yourself. 

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Since its inception in 1907, Tohoku University has been known for its ‘Open Door’ policy and was the first university to welcome foreign, and female, students within Japan. Tohoku University continues to attract great minds from all over the world, and conducts research of high quality. Although the University accepts a wide range of students, until now, it is still lacking an acclaimed, global platform for sharing ideas, inspiring stories and best practices.


TEDxTohokuUniversity, as individually organized branch of the famous TED talks, could provide this platform for the University and various stakeholders, within and outside the university. The main ideas behind TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) are to share multidisciplinary innovations, ideas and inspiring stories with a broad audience on­ and offline.

Our team believes that it is vitally important for a leading university to not only admit and teach students, and conduct research, but to also engage with the local community and create a meaningful impact through sharing knowledge and ideas. TEDxTohokuUniversity is an opportunity to connect members of the University with the wider public, to truly open up the doors of Tohoku University; we can create a platform to give back to and inspire, not only the Tohoku region, but the world. It will be a melting pot, where success and failure can come together to excite and educate future generations of the important lessons we learn today.

Yuichi Okugawa

Partner Team

Sioud Imane

Speaker Team

Disha Mohta

Design Team


TEDxTohokuUniversity is separated into several teams such as Partner, Translation, Community Outreach, Production, Audience, Speaker, and Design. Below here are the faces of each member contributing to an enjoyable and beautiful event.

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