TEDxTohokuUniversityWomen 2018



December 8, 2018 | 13:00~17:00 |Lecture Room C19, Kawauchi Campus, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Women the world over are no longer accepting the status quo. They’re rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent – business, technology, art, science, politics – these pioneers and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.

TEDxTohokuUniversityWomen 2018


TEDxTohokuUniversityWomen 2018


Dr. Aliise Eisho Donnere
Researcher, Tohoku University

Born in Latvia, was raised in a bilingual environment. She owned her Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2018. Being a Buddhist (Tendai school), she is now a researcher of modern Japanese Buddhism at Tohoku University and shares her passion for linguistic as a  lecturer at Tohoku Gakuin University. She is passionate about music, literature, and travels (prefers traveling on foot or by bicycle), she thrives in the fields of religion, politics, and anthropology. While being in Japan, she got pregnant and had the thrilling experience of pregnancy and childbirth, but that did not deplete her energy and motivation to pursue her research but found support in it along with her husband, a photographer and devoted bird watcher.

HU Wen
PhD, Tohoku University

Hu Wen was born and raised in China. Now she is a PhD student of urban planning in the Department of Architecture and Building Science, Tohoku University, studying about residential space reconstruction in the depopulated rural area. After she earned her master degree in Architecture in China (2016), she lived a steady and easy life when working in a state-owned design company in China. However, she soon found out that position was not fulfilling her life and professional goals, as she found herself in a position of a female engineer where bureaucracy was prevailing and in an environment bringing few opportunities, involuntariness and disingenuousness and excessive interference by administrative power in the design process. As a first experience abroad, she came to Japan to challenge herself and leave the comfort zone she was in and embrace new possibilities. Meanwhile, she started an architecture design workshop called “013” with the help of her friends, where everyone approach the design with their own perspective. Passionate about music, travel and everything related to cats. She is interested in the fields of design, politics and psychology.

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Cristina Garciamendez
PhD, Tohoku University

Born in Mexico City, raised in 6 countries, Cristina has developed a passion for the intersection between technology, ethics, and human interaction. As a PhD student in the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University, she focuses on developing a framework for the ethical evaluation of robots for the care of the elderly.

Dalila Burin
PhD, Tohoku University

Dalila is from Turin, in Italy, where she got her PhD in neuroscience, working mainly with neurological patients with motor and consciousness disorders. Then, after a period in Spain, one year ago she became assistant professor at the Smart Ageing Research Center, here at Tohoku University: her research is now more focused on how to delay physical and cognitive diseases related to ageing, exploiting hi-tech solutions, such as virtual reality.

Tomomi Kiyama
Asst. Professor, Tohoku University

Tomomi, an assistant professor in Graduate School of Dentistry at Tohoku University, has more than 10 years of experience as a dentist and scientist. She has loved science and art since childhood, which make her strong passion for creating patients’ smile via prosthodontic approach especially for the care of cancer fighter who have oral defects. She is the recipient of 2015 International Association of Dental Research Hatton Award by her another research project related to inflammation and oral disease.

Ryoichi Nagatomi
Professor, Tohoku University

Covering many areas such as immunology, biomechanics, and molecular and cellular biology, Professor Nagatomi has been making significant contributions to sports science and research on regional health promotion through a multidisciplinary approach. Having pursued medical studies and research activities at Tohoku University and King’s College London among others, he is targeting a wide range of research topics including biomechanical approach for sports injury prevention or risk factors for chronic sport injury. Besides being active in positions such as vice president of the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine and a Fellow of the European College of Sports Science, he is passing on knowledge to Japanese students and exchange students from all over the world alike at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at Tohoku University.

Masters, Tohoku University

Born in Tokyo, Miwako Kitamura is a freelance photographer with 20 years of experience. She has visited and photographed more than 15 countries. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, she volunteered for relief measures in several capacities. These activities caused her to take a keen interest in ways to boost community resilience for the revitalisation of disaster-stricken areas. As a result, she returned to academia and earned a Master’s degree in development study and cultural industries from the University of London.

Kitamura highlights oral disaster archives to employ survivor accounts and concerns to drive bottom-up community oriented disaster mitigation management. Her primary focus pertains to gender inequality in disaster situations. In October 2018, she participated in investment seminars and SDGs on gender, funding, and climate change organized by the UN World Investment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.