TEDxTohokuUniversity 2019 Conference


April 21, 2019 | 10:30~19:30 | Qatar Science Hall, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

We want to hear your inspiring true experiences lighting up hope, creative visions that go beyond any limitation, and informative ideas contributing to building up a healthy society.
About relating your talks to our theme “Palette”, a symbol of creativity and multiplicity forming a harmonious whole, we are excited to hear your ideas that go beyond the paradigm of our understanding of palette.

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2019 Conference


Session 1: Sketches

Every individual is born a blank canvas waiting to be filled with experiences. The possibilities of what to become and achieve are endless, but it all starts with knowing the fundamentals and conceptualizing the abstract. Once the ideas are displayed, they become visible, allowing them to develop and inspire others.

Session 2: Shades

Starting with general concepts, we constantly move on to ideas, issues, that bewitch us and allow us to conceive life with a thousand different tones. From every single nuance, we grasp precious teachings that help us create point of views and opinions to share with people around us and to empower each other for a radiant future.

Session 3: Contour

There are various shades and patterns of colors, textures, and forms that when combined create an impactful effect of the masterpiece. Drawing a light sketch starts by drawing the large contours and finishing up with the tiny details. This first layout serves as a checkpoint that captures the main idea or message we have in mind that will play out on ourselves and society.

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2019 Conference


Aliise Eisho Donnere
Researcher, Tohoku University

Born in Latvia, was raised in a bilingual environment. She owned her Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2018. Being a Buddhist (Tendai school), she is now a researcher of modern Japanese Buddhism at Tohoku University and shares her passion for linguistic as a  lecturer at Tohoku Gakuin University. She is passionate about music, literature, and travels (prefers traveling on foot or by bicycle), she thrives in the fields of religion, politics, and anthropology. While being in Japan, she got pregnant and had the thrilling experience of pregnancy and childbirth, but that did not deplete her energy and motivation to pursue her research but found support in it along with her husband, a photographer and devoted bird watcher.

Daniel Ahmed
PhD, Tohoku University

Danyal Ahmed is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Architecture and Building Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University. His research focuses on the relationship between contemporary Japanese architecture and the emerging technology of artificial intelligence, with an aim of implementation of research findings in his architectural designs. He is a recipient of the Japanese Government Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship for doctoral studies. He was awarded the bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of the Punjab, Lahore, with University Gold Medal and received Mehdi Ali Mirza Award by Institute of Architects Pakistan for outstanding academic performance. Having professional affiliations with Architectural Institute of Japan, Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners and Institute of Architects Pakistan, his architectural design was recently selected among the emerging young architects design work’s exhibition held at the 12th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia, 23-26 October, 2018, Pyeongchang, South Korea. He has presented a number of research papers at international academic conferences and holds research paper publications in international academic journals to his credits.

Dennis Chia

Born and bred in Singapore. Moved to Japan in 2008. Founded BOUNDLESS in 2017. An avid language learner and traveler, Dennis went to all 47 prefectures of Japan during his first four years in Japan. Having established an extensive social network consisting of educational personnel,craftsman, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and designers, Dennis started his own social business with the aim of reevaluating the charms of rural Japan and finding solutions for the multitude of problems faced in rural Japan. He is currently building a new community of international students and working professionals to contribute to Japan’s revitalization movement.

With the knowledge and experience accumulated in Japan, Dennis wishes to contribute to creating a sustainable future in the world.

Evelyn Marie Gutierrez Rico
PhD, Tohoku University

A Tohoku University PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences, who is currently studying population pharmacogenomics, Evelyn Marie Gutierrez Rico was Born and raised in Guatemala, a multi-ethnic country, This inspired her to study genetics which eventually lead her to Japan. Her education background includes a MSc in pharmaceutical sciences from Tohoku University, as well as a Pharmaceutical chemistry degree from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. After witnessing the damaging effects of harassment she was inspired to take action and has successfully built several harassment programs for students in need of counseling. Currently, she is the co-founder of ITGT, a Guatemalan IT company that promotes healthy learning environments as well as next step thinking- presently developing a harassment counseling platform directed at university students.

Mina Konaka
Masters, Tohoku University

I am Mina Konaka, a master student majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Tohoku University. Through my studies abroad at UCDavis, ISU and TUBerlin, I have learned to understand various approaches within the space industries of Japan, Europe and the U.S. Moreover,I learned about the system of  lunar rover and the the satellite through my research in university.

Robin Lewis
Co-Founder, MyMizu

Robin is Co-founder & Director of Social Innovation Japan - a platform for social action. He is also a Consultant at the World Bank, where he specialises on issues related to climate change and natural disasters. His work has spanned over 20 countries, from clean water projects in Haiti to post-earthquake recovery in Nepal. Robin, born to a Japanese mother and a British father, is passionate about tackling social and environmental challenges, and loves going for long walks. In 2017, he took on a sponsored expedition, walking 600+km along Japan’s disaster-affected coastline to document the recovery from the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Dr. Mollika & Michael McCullough
Masters, Tohoku University

Mollika Sajady is a board-certified pediatrician in the United States and is currently completing an additional academic fellowship in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota. Her clinical interests include connecting children to nature and promoting preventative medicine and wellness approaches to improve the quality of life for children and families. Her research efforts focus on using nature-based interventions in clinical and educational settings, as well as applying landscape data to examine associations of greenery with mental health and well-being. 

Michael McCullough has a background in landscape architecture and sustainable design. His education has led him into a career of entrepreneurship both in the commercial and non-profit sectors. His work has a strong emphasis on the human connection to nature through school educational programs with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. He is also engaged in research related to archaeological mapping for water quality improvement and land-cover analysis to understand relationships between landscape features and student behaviors in schools. 

Dr. Sherif Rashad
To be added

TO be added

Swastika Harsh Jajoo
Masters, Tohoku University

Swastika likes to think that she can be found in some quaint cafe with a really cool vibe socializing over a glass of red wine. Usually, though, she's found at the tea stall around the corner drinking chai far too carefully because she's afraid she'll spill it on her copy of No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. She heads to Tohoku University this April on a scholarship by the foreign ministry of Japan. Aside from being a full-time chai drinker who makes self-proclaimed articulate observations on her love for the color yellow, she also enjoys writing poetry. She was selected in January 2019 to work as an official blogger for the Jaipur Literature Festival, and won the second prize in a contest organized by Tata Steel in the same month.

Glenn Mansfield Keeni
Professor, Tohoku University

Having completed his PhD from Tohoku University, Dr. Mansfield has been actively involved in the internet since its early days as a teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, and innovator.

He evangelizes about network security whenever there is an opportunity.



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