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TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 Conference


November 8, 2020 | 9:30~17:30 | Online

We usually pay attention only to the things we can see on the surface, but many times, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The HIDDEN details and stories are what adds meaning and depth to what we consider as reality, yet we fail to appreciate these, or fail to attain the 秘伝 ( 秘 "hi": secret, 伝 "den": teach) methods and techniques that are passed on only to the chosen and meritorious in order to fully grasp experiences.

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 Conference


9:30〜9:45  Opening w/President Hideo Ohno

<<Session 1>>
10:00〜10:20 Talk 1: Masafumi Sato: 「自然栽培の田んぼから」
10:20〜10:40 Talk 2: Asuka Jusen: "Fall and Rise of Japan’s Climate Policy"
10:40〜11:00 Panel Discussion ①
11:00〜11:15 Performance #1 by Tabidaiko 


<<Session 2>>
11:25〜11:45 Talk 3: János Négyesi: "The underrated efforts of a successful elite athlete"
11:45〜12:05 Talk 4: Oskar Hellström: "書道 – Where history and self-expression meets."

12:05〜12:25 Panel Discussion ②

<<Session 3>>
13:25〜13:45 Talk 5: Martin Robert: "The secret Life of Bacteria"
13:45〜14:05 Talk 6: Dalila Burin: “The world and our body are not before our eyes. They are right behind. “
14:05〜14:25 Panel Discussion ③
14:25〜14:40 Performance #2 by GO∞HIP


<<Session 4>>
14:50〜15:10  Talk 7: Justin Velgus: "How to rediscover your city’s past: tips from a tour guide and amateur historian"
15:10〜15:30 Talk 8: Ilona Schaal: "How Protecting Our Joy Can Save Lives"
15:30〜15:50 Panel Discussion ④
15:50〜16:05 Activity : "Origami"
16:05〜16:45 Discussion Sessions (Breakout rooms for 8 Speakers)
16:45〜17:00 Closing speech

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2019 Conference


Session 1: Hidden Battles

There are battles hidden from our eyes. Battles that push the Earth towards its limits to maximise human satisfaction and profit on a superficial level. What do we know about these battles? What are the contradictions and complexities behind their causes and what perspectives should we be aware of? To ensure the bright future of the world, we have to find hidden weapons: our lifestyles; and seek hidden enemies: the system.

Session 2: Hidden Keys to Perfection

Everyone wants to have a successful life. While some people manage to reach the peak of success, others keep struggling to achieve it. Is perfection really the key to success? Or is it unattainable? What is the key to being perfect? Is it only hard work and passion or is it being consistent and strategic? In this session, the secret formula of perfection will be covered.

Session 3: Hidden Life, Hidden Potentials

It is clear that life is the centre of our human selves, but do we know enough about the biology behind different phenomena and to what extent are we in control of it? Life is sustained by several processes and systems involving other life forms that  are often overlooked, not fully understood, or yet to be discovered. In this session, we will explore the intricacy of biological life and learn about the potential values of their hidden secrets.

Session 4: Looking Closer, Thinking Deeper

We often take for granted the small things in life; ideas that can open us to a richer view of the wider world and even our own selves.This session will dive deep into the art of looking closer to what may seem hidden but is actually in plain sight, to then think deeper about what values we can take and then apply them to our world views, may that be for the rich hidden history of our communities or the rich personal history we hold for ourselves.We learn how to harness the power of details to see the big picture, and how to use this awareness to transform our own personal story.

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 Conference


Dalila Burin.jpeg
Dalila Burin
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University

Dalila is an Assistant Professor at Smart-Aging International Research Center at Tohoku University. She has done her PhD in Neuroscience from University of Turin, Italy and also been awarded two renowned Italian awards for young researchers in 2016. With a keen interest in the field of research, Dalila likes to discover the HIDDEN phenomenon and explore them. She loves riding bikes, water sports such as swimming and surfing, and is a foodie.

Janos Negyesi
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University

János Négyesi is an Assistant Professor at Tohoku university and his research is based on motor control and learning. He completed his bachelors in 2009 and his masters in 2011 specializing in biomechanics and performance analysis. He was also director of a Biomechanics Lab in Hungary and trained Hungarian Olympic Team for the 2016 Rio Olympics. His experience with training the team made him realise how winning requires many factors that are passed on from the seniors and coaches. He aims to convince the audience of the same.

Dr.Jusen Asuka.JPG
Jusen Asuka
Professor, Tohoku University

Jusen Asuka is a professor in the Center for Northeast Asian Studies at Tohoku University. He has previously worked for the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Hayama, Japan as the director of the climate change group. He has a Ph.D. from University of Tokyo, an MBA from INSEAD. His primary areas of interest are energy policy, environmental policy and international environmental/energy cooperation, and is also regularly involved in groups dealing with climate change in Japan. He is a football fan.

Oskar Hellstrom
Elementary school teacher, Sendai

Oskar Hellstorm is from Finland and works part-time at a retirement home and teaches introductory courses on Japan to elementary school children. He has his bachelor degree in logistics from Arcada University, and has received a 師範 degree in Japanese calligraphy. He has also served in the military for a year after High School. He connects the theme to himself and feels that his knowledge of calligraphy was HIDDEN from him and when he discovered it, he loved the 秘伝 knowledge that was passed on to him. He spends most of his time practising Japanese calligraphy and usually plays sports such as soccer and disc golf.

Ilona Schaal.jpg
Illona Schall

Ilona Schall is Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and Certified NLP Master Practitioner and author of opium of the Almond Tree. She has her PhD in Christian Counseling, was a candidate in M.M Master in Ministry, and Bachelors in Business Administration. She struggled with identity and validation as a young girl. In moments like this she was aided by the joy that was hidden inside her and gave her the power in her life. She has been a winner of People’s Choice Award in a Republic of Georgia Beauty Pageant in 1998 and also earned medals for completing a marathon in 2017 and triathlon in 2018.

Martin Robert
Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Martin Robert is an Associate professor at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in University of Kyoto. He holds a Ph.D degree (1996) in the field of biochemistry from McGill University. His research includes cellular aging, immune signals, bacterial metabolism, protein analysis among others. The bacterial world is mostly hidden from us but plays an important role in the ecosystem. Even so, human knowledge on the subject is only the tip of the iceberg. This is what drives Martin to dig deeper.

TED X profile pic--justin velgus.jpg
Justin Velgus
SenTIA, Sendai

Justin Velgus is currently working at SenTIA. He moved to Sendai after his studies in Akita. After a few years of teaching English, he worked with the Fukushima government to promote Sake and agricultural products overseas. For him, "hidden" means something that is waiting to be discovered. He is on a hunt to discover the history and past of Sendai that seems to have been lost in the Earthquake. He has written exclusively about travel and culture of the city and is a long term advisor to Gozain.

TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 Conference


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