Every year we receive plenty of ideas worth sharing in a short span of time. Unfortunately, we can only feature a small theme-fitted selection for the main event, as well as Salon events. This is why we decided to hear from you ALL YEAR LONG!!! Starting from now, your interests will be our main power source and you will be our own muse. Tell us what you want to talk or hear about, share your ideas and allow us to showcase some hidden gems through TEDxTohokuUniversity.


TEDxTohokuUniversity 2020 is now welcoming ideas and creative visions that can belong to any discipline, or way of life to inspire and influence others. Please consider what "HIDDEN | 秘伝" means for your community! Selection of the ideas shall be done by the TEDx team. 

You can also fill out a form (#suggestaspeaker) with suggestions for people around you who have the potential to share their ideas with the world.

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2019 Conference

Born in Latvia, was raised in a bilingual environment. She owned her Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2018. Being a Buddhist (Tendai school), she is now a researcher of modern Japanese Buddhism at Tohoku University and shares her passion for linguistic as a  lecturer at Tohoku Gakuin University. She is passionate about music, literature, and travels (prefers traveling on foot or by bicycle), she thrives in the fields of religion, politics, and anthropology. While being in Japan, she got pregnant and had the thrilling experience of pregnancy and childbirth, but that did not deplete her energy and motivation to pursue her research but found support in it along with her husband, a photographer and devoted bird watcher.

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Leader of Sendai’s GLOBIS Graduate School of Management

Mr. Kajiya graduated from Keio University with a degree in policy management. After gaining experience in GE Japan, he came to the Tohoku region as a volunteer following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Mr. Kajiya is the head contributor to the foundation of the Graduate School of Management of Globis University Sendai campus, where he hopes that business people in the Tohoku region can be motivated and learn from each other to foster the region’s reconstruction.



CEO of Lifebridge Inc.

Mr. Sakurai’s passion is education and globalization. He believes, by learning abroad, that one can learn not only information and one's own specialities, but much more beyond. He is now the owner of LifeBridge Inc., a consulting service for Japanese who want to study abroad.

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CEO of Real College

After graduating, Mr. Nakatani quit his job at a pharmaceutical company after two years, and is now the creator and CEO of Real College, the best share space area in Tohoku made especially for students in Sendai. Mr. Nakatani is also involved with government offices, education consulting, regional revitalization, publication, finance, information technology, and event planning, making him in a sense, a “total coordinator.”

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Tohoku University Professor

Professor Noriko Osumi graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University with a Ph.D. in Craniofacial Development, and has become the first female professor of Tohoku University’s School of Medicine since 1998. Her research interest covers brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. She was chosen as one of the 25 Distinguished Professors at Tohoku University from 2008 to 2011.

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Director of Asuenokibou NPO cooperation

Originally born in Miyagi, Mr. Komatsu came back after the big March 11th earthquake and committed himself to reconstruct the affected areas
As he faced the state of depopulation, he formed the Asu-e-no-kibou (“Hope towards tomorrow”)  NPO Cooperation which aims to develop the community around the town of Onagawacho.



Interpreter, translator, radio personality

Ms. Lily is the representative of "Lily's TranSupport", a language support group located in Sendai where she works as a English-Japanese bilingual translator.
With the motto of “Connecting People and Languages”, she is continuously contributing in a large amount to the English education in Japan.

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Student, Tohoku University

Still a sophomore in Tohoku University Department of Science, Trishit Banerjee has achieved much more than many people at his young age.
His passion is education and journalism which lead him to create “The Sentinel” in 2016 which is the first English newspaper not only in Tohoku University, but also in all universities around Japan.

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Educator, interpreter, translator, blogger and writer

Mai has always been interested in Japan's relations with the world. It was not until she visited Tohoku that she found beauty in the local regions of Japan, leading her to aspire to bridge the local and global. Currently, Mai resides in Fukuoka where she supports children through English education to envision their dreams, and also serves in interpretation and translation work for local projects across Japan.



Born and raised in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Mr. Furuyama found his deep interest and passion in the progressive world of IT. After the Great Earthquake, he went back and forth from Tokyo and Ishinomaki to teach  IT education in his former highschool. Finding his calling in teaching young people, Furuyama-san decide to make a platform where everyone can 「learn」and 「play」with the world of IT. Hoping that young people in Japan, especially in Ishinomaki, will not only become a consumer but also a developer in the fast changing world of IT. He then founded Itonabu Ishinomaki, a place where young people can learn more about IT.

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Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan